Troubleshoot Offline Solink System

Is your device offline? Start here to diagnose and fix the issue.

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This article provides information on the steps you can take if your recording device is offline or is not recording any video footage. If the system is offline, you cannot view recorded video and may be unable to see live video on your monitors.

You can also watch the tutorial video below for a step-by-step guide on how to troubleshoot an offline device:

How Do I Know My System is Offline?

Some signs that your Solink system has gone offline include:

  • The local monitor(s) in your location has gone dark (this may also mean the power to the system has been lost or unplugged):

  • If you hover over each location on the Video page, a tooltip indicates that the location is offline:

  • You are not able to load video on the mobile apps or web application, and a similar error to the one displayed below appears:


Troubleshooting Steps

Follow the steps in this section to troubleshoot your system. If you have completed all of the steps below and are still experiencing issues, please contact our Support team for assistance.

To troubleshoot your Solink system, you will need to check the following components:

If you have attempted to troubleshoot on your own and cannot solve the issue, contact our Support team for more assistance.

Power to the System

First, confirm your device is on and powered correctly.

Note: If your monitor is displaying live video, your device is powered correctly and you can skip this step and proceed to the next step (Connection to the Network).

There are two device types; please ensure you are aware of which of the following device types you have:

  • Desktop Unit

  • Rackmount Unit

Each device has a power cable that connects to the back of the unit. Ensure it is securely connected into the recording device on one end, and that the other end is securely connected to a working power source.

Refer to the table below to verify the power outlet type for your device:

Device Type

Power Outlet

Reference Image

Desktop Unit


Rackmount Unit

Electrical Plug/Socket (Ensure the on/off switch is set to on.)

If the device is properly powered:

  • The front panel of your unit will be lit up.

  • The power light will be lit.

  • The device will emit a low hum, similar to your home computer or another piece of equipment. The device may also emit a beeping noise when turning on.

How to Power On/Off the Recording Device

It is recommended to try powering off the device as a final troubleshooting step before contacting our support team.

  • To power off the device, hold the power button until all device lights turn off. Do not let go of the button until the device has powered down.

  • To power on the device, press the power button. Please note this process can take up to 10 minutes.

Connection to the Network

In order for the recording device to be accessible on the Solink platform, it must be connected to the network.

Most units have an Ethernet cable connected to the top network port of the recording system on one end, with the other end leading to your network router or switch (depending on the environment). Here is an example:


In this case, the top cable goes to your network router. The bottom cable (as seen in the image above) normally connects directly to your cameras (i.e. a camera switch, or analog DVR). Please contact the Solink Support team to confirm that your device is connected the same way, if required.

If both cables are connected properly to the network router and camera(s), lights flash on the recording device next to your Ethernet cable. There should also be a flashing amber light labelled LAN on the front of the unit:


Contact Support

Please reach out to Solink support for further troubleshooting instructions if:

  1. You ensured the recording device is powered on.

  2. You waited the full boot time from the last time you powercycled.

  3. The LAN light is flashing and your device is still showing as offline.

It is possible that Solink may need to establish a remote connection via screen-sharing application to ensure our application is running properly and that the unit does not have any physical errors or defects.

You can reach our team via the following methods:

  • Live Chat: Available in the bottom corner of the Help Center, mobile app, and our website (

  • Support Email:

  • Support Phone: 1-888-335-9844

PDF Guides

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