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June 2023: Updated Video Player Buttons, Faster Load Times
June 2023: Updated Video Player Buttons, Faster Load Times
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Video Player Navigation

The video player is now easier to use with the addition of new and improved player controls.

Use the fast-forward and rewind buttons to adjust playback and rewind speeds, up to 16 times. Many of the video player buttons have a refreshed redesign to make video navigation smooth and simple.


Video Player Navigation - before


Video Player Navigation - after

Check out the Help Center here for more information on how to navigate the video player controls.

Faster Load Times

We’ve greatly improved loading times across the Solink platform by caching location data. Users with many sites will notice faster load times when switching between locations and loading data.

Please note, we recommend not using an incognito mode in your browser for this change to apply to your account.

Enjoy a seamless and efficient user experience with our faster load times.

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