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February 2023: New User Interface, Widget Enhancements and Alarm Audit Events
February 2023: New User Interface, Widget Enhancements and Alarm Audit Events
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We’ve made some big changes over the past couple months and wanted to share a recap of the most notable new features. Let’s dive in and see what’s changed.

Updated User Interface

We recently streamlined our user interface to make it easier for you to navigate through Solink. Here are a few of the improvements we want to highlight:

  • Persistent Top Navigation Bar: The date, timeframe, and location selectors can now be found in the top lefthand corner and when these filters are applied, they will remain consistent across the entire Solink platform:

    navigation bar 1

  • The Dashboard and Events page selectors have moved from the right side of the screen to the left, just under the date, timeframe and location selectors:

    nav bar 2

  • Load times across Solink are significantly faster. See the following GIF for a comparison between previous load times when making changes to the Dashboard page (left side) and the new and improved load times (right side):


  • The Events page has a sleeker design – this is noticeable especially with the search bar appearance and functionality as well as the histogram:

    new event page design

Widget Creator Enhancement

Creating a widget is a much more seamless experience thanks to the new widget preview window. Now when you create a widget, a preview of the widget updates in real-time as you update each of the individual widget options.

This change ensures you have an understanding of how each option affects the data displayed in your widgets, allowing you greater flexibility to create the best widgets for your Dashboard:

widget preview new

Alarm Audit Events Log

Alarm Audit Events Log allow you to track when certain alarm-related tasks occur in your Solink account. When a user does something with Solink alarms – such as arm or disarm an alarm – an event is automatically generated and can be viewed via the Events page > Audits:

Solink alarm audits

Helpful information is included in the alarm event, such as the email of the user who triggered the event, the user type (Admin or Standard) and the platform the user was on (web or mobile app):

Solink alarm audit events

See our Help Center article on Alarm Audit Events for more information.

Digest Widget Customization

Customize your daily and weekly digests even further with the new ability to select which widgets are included in your digests. Choose the widgets you want to see in both your daily and weekly digests from Settings > Notifications > Visibility and Notification Settings:

daily, weekly digest widgets
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