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People Counting Widgets

Create widgets using people counting data.

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We offer several different widgets to display your People Counting data. Reach out to our Support or Customer Enablement teams to have these widgets added to your Solink account (click here for contact information).

See below for more information on each available People Counting widget.


This widget displays total daily number of visitors for selected locations. This helps show the busiest times across all locations.


Total Visitors Per Location

This widget ranks locations based on the number of visitors per day, allowing you to compare visitor counts from different locations.


Conversion Rates

Shows the days in which conversions are higher and lower across the locations selected by displaying the average conversion rates per day, over the week.


Conversion Rates - Hourly

This widget displays when conversions are higher and lower during the day across select locations.


Conversion Rates per Store

This widget ranks locations based on conversion rates.


Average Revenue per Person

This widget ranks locations based on average revenue per person.


Note: For information on People Counting events, click here.

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