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Health Alerts

Set up health alerts to receive system and device health notifications.

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Solink health alerts notify you and our Support team whenever there is an issue with a device, camera, software etc. By default, our Support team reaches out to you when they receive a health alert that indicates one of the following critical issues:

  • Device Offline: This health alert is generated if a device has lost power, internet connection, etc.

  • Many Cameras Offline: This health alert is generated when more than 50 percent of your cameras are offline.

Receive Health Alerts By Email

You can also speak with our Support team if you wish to receive email health alerts whenever they occur. A Support representative will still reach out to you when a critical health alert is generated, but you can receive an email notification as well.

How to Set Up Additional Health Alerts

We offer a comprehensive list of additional health alerts that can be sent to you via email if you request it. Additional health alerts that we can configure for you include:

  • Hardware/Camera Issues (Camera offline, Camera is out of focus, etc.)

  • Software Issues (No recent transactions, etc.)

  • Disk Issues (Device is missing disks, Device is unable to meet its retention targets, etc.)

  • Infrastructure Issues

How to Contact Support

Please reach out to our Support team if you would like more information on the type of health alerts we can configure for you. You can reach out to Support through the following methods:


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