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July 2023: Video Wall
July 2023: Video Wall
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We’ve made a few changes over the past month and wanted to share the most notable ones that will affect your day-to-day usage of the Solink platform.

Video Wall

Looking to stream multiple live cameras from one interface?

Try out our new Video Wall player to continuously live stream multiple cameras from any remote or on-site location.

✅ Select cameras from various locations.

✅ Automatically transition between each Video Wall page to keep an eye on all cameras.

✅ Easily adjust and save layouts to configure to your priorities.

✅ Play video through local network or remote cloud connections.

Get started by selecting the Video Wall button in the top-right corner of the Video page.

Search Events with the OR Filter

Filter event data using the OR function. Select the AND filter in any of your event searches to switch all filters from AND to OR (and vice versa).

Simple Number Widget

The new Number widget displays the total or average number of a given metric. For example, create a widget to display a simple number to show the total gross revenue or total number of motion events over a set period of time.

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