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Alarm Motion Zones: Quick Tips
Alarm Motion Zones: Quick Tips

A good motion zone setup is crucial for your Solink alarms to be successful.

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Alarm motion zones capture suspicious activity that can lead to false alarms. However, motion zones must be configured correctly to be effective.

To get started, navigate to Alarms > Alarm Configurations > select the Add toggle button for the camera you want to configure motion zones for:

Follow the tips below to ensure your motion zones are working successfully.

1. Do - Highlight pathways

Highlight areas where people can walk in your store.

When you highlight pathways, try and think like a burglar - where would they go in your store? What assets would they want? How would they get those assets?

See the following image - walkways are highlighted, but the store counter is not:

2. Don't - Highlight reflective surfaces

Avoid highlighting objects with reflective surfaces, such as computer screens and glass containers. Light can move on reflective surfaces and trigger false alarms.

See the areas outlined in red in the following image - you should never highlight these:

3. Do - Check the "estimated number of motion alarm items"

The closer the number is to 0, the more effective your motion zone will be at capturing suspicious activity and avoiding false alarms:

Video Tutorial

Want to see motion zone setup in action? Watch this video for a quick tutorial.

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