Security Recommendations

A list of quick tips to keep your Solink devices secure.

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This article provides a list of security recommendations for your Solink recording device (also referred to as a QNAP).

To ensure that your recording device is secure within your network, follow these common practices:

  • Locate the device behind the firewall with private IP.

  • Never publish QNAP directly on the internet (no inbound NAT).

  • Keep the QNAP device on separate subnet/VLAN.

  • Allow management from specific subnet/VLAN, or source IP only.

  • Open minimum necessary secure ports for management such as SSH, HTTPs (no Telnet, no HTTP).

  • Enable IPS (Intrusion Prevention) on the internal firewall interface facing QNAP (optional).

  • Ensure anti-malware scanner updates and scans run on schedule.

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