Alarm Events
Triggered alarms generate unique alarm events.
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Whenever an alarm is triggered, video footage and associated data is stored as an Event in Recent Alarm Events on the Alarms page:


In the mobile app, you can view alarm events from the Events tab:


You can also view alarm events from the Events page. Select the Alarms tab on the Events page (as shown in the image below) to display only alarm events. This is a useful feature if you want to create reports using alarm events:


Note: Only users with an Alarm Administrator role (configured by a Solink representative) can see alarm events displayed on the Events page.

View Open Alarms

An alarm that is currently in progress and recording footage is referred to as an Open alarm.

To view your Open alarms:

  1. Select a specific location or All locations from the left sidebar:


  2. Select Open near the top-right of the page:


  3. Any Open alarm for the selected location (or all locations if you have selected All locations from the sidebar) is displayed on the page, as shown in the example below:


Close an Open Alarm

You can close an open alarm from the Recent Alarm Events section; this can be especially useful to dismiss false alarms and ready the alarm system to detect future alarms. You can also temporarily disarm the alarm system from this location.

To close an open alarm:

  1. From the Recent Alarm Events section, select a location.

  2. If there is an open alarm, you will see two options within the alarm: Close and Disarm. Select Close:


  3. A message appears to confirm the alarm has been successfully closed.

Note: To disarm the alarm temporarily for this location, select Disarm instead, then choose for how long you would like to disarm the alarm system (15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Or until the next scheduled arm period based on your alarm schedule).

Temporarily Disarm an Open Alarm

You can temporarily disarm an open alarm for a set period of time (similar to a "snooze" button on an alarm clock).

To disarm an open alarm:

  1. From the Recent Alarm Events tab, choose an open alarm you want to temporarily disarm. Select Disarm....

  2. Choose the amount of time you wish to disarm the alarm for (or choose to disarm until the next scheduled alarm period):


  3. Select Confirm.

View Alarm Clips

An alarm clip is a recording of an alarm event from the time the alarm was triggered (opened) to the time the alarm was closed.

You can toggle the type of alarm clip displayed on the page - Open (open alarms) or All (all alarms that have been closed):


You can view your alarm clips on the Recent Alarm Events page. An example of an alarm clip is shown in the following image:


There are several ways to view recorded video in an alarm clip:

  • Camera view: Click the video preview in the alarm clip to view the video footage for the specific camera. In the example below, the user clicks the “Drive Thru Window” video preview and is subsequently able to view the alarm footage for the Drive Thru Window camera:


  • Play All: Select the Play All button in an alarm clip to play video footage of the alarm from all cameras. The number displayed next to Play All represents the number of cameras that recorded alarm footage. The image below displays an example of the Play All functionality; two cameras have recorded alarm footage during the alarm period in this example:


  • View timestamps: Select a timestamp to jump to a specific time in the alarm video:


Save Alarm Clips

Alarm events can expire after a period of time due to limited space on the video storage device.

It is recommended to save your alarm clips shortly after the alarm events occurs if you want to keep the video footage for future use.

Select the more options icon (three dots) > Save Clip and fill out the appropriate information for your clip (Title, start and end times, etc) to save the alarm clip to the cloud:


Once the clip has finished saving, it is stored on the Clips page and you can view it at any time.

Add Notes to an Alarm Clip

You can add notes to an alarm clip to provide important information for future reference. For instance, if the police were dispatched during the alarm, you could write “police dispatched” and provide additional information about the incident.

To add notes to an alarm clip:

  1. Select the more options icon (three dots) > Add Notes… button.

  2. Type a description of the alarm in the notes field or any other helpful information for future reference.

  3. Select OK to save your notes to the alarm clip. Notes are displayed below the video area of the alarm clip.

Search for Alarm Clips

You can currently search for alarm clips by date only.

To navigate to alarm clips by the date they were published, select the Search by date field in the top-right corner of the page:


From here you can select a date in the calendar widget; once selected, the page automatically navigates to alarm clips published during the selected date.

Mobile Apps: Alarm Events

See the following articles for more information on Alarm Events for the Solink mobile app:

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