Manage Alarm Contacts
Ensure you have at least one alarm contact to handle active alarms.
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You can add, remove and edit existing alarm contacts from the Alarm Contacts tab. For more information on alarm contacts and how to initially create one, see Assign Contacts in the Alarm Setup section.

Note: With the basic self-service video alarm feature, you can assign one contact per location to receive alarm notifications. With a Video Alarms Monitoring Service, you can assign multiple contacts to receive alarm notifications.

To add a new alarm contact from the Alarm Contacts tab:

  1. Select the +Add button:


  2. Select whether to add an existing Solink user or external user as an alarm contact:

    • To add an existing Solink user, select Solink user, then select an existing user from your account via the dropdown menu:


    • To add a user outside of your Solink account, select External user, then fill out the person's full name, email and cell phone number:


  3. Next, assign the user to the available location(s). You can optionally select Show alarm contacts to see contacts you are about to add and existing contacts for your locations. Any new contact(s) you are about to add are highlighted in blue (see image below):


  4. Select Save to apply the changes.

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